S4S – Where have we been?


Hope you’re all well, we know it’s been a while since you’ve heard anything from us over at Something for Sunday but we’re still here, honest!

As I’m sure you know, S4S has been running for a great 3 years now and our stage has been graced by some of the best talent that the UK has to offer. We’ve committed to producing 24 shows a year, it’s started to take it’s toll on us as a team as monotony crept in. Whilst it would be easy enough to just continue as normal we believe you deserve more. London has several live music nights and rather than play by the rules and just fit in we want to stand out! So we decided to take a step back, recollect our thoughts, re-plan and re-jiggle. So we’re doing just that, and we’ll be back sooner than you think!

There were a few changes before our unscheduled break; we changed the time, so we start earlier in a brand new venue and you got £5 entry before 7:30pm! So there was a lot of great stuff happening. We’re mixing it up again and coming back with another new venue! We’re heading to Pipeline Bar (Shoreditch); check it out, the place is dope!!! There are a few other announcements we’ll be making as well, so stay tuned to our twitter @SForSunday to keep up to date!

We’re super sorry, we haven’t been around for a while but we promise it will have been worth the wait when we do return! So ladies, gather the troops; fellas, work on your pick up lines and we’ll see you all soon!

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 S4S Team

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